M a x L i f e B i o

Art Daily Lord Mayor (Max) Moore Music Masters Freelife Fantasy Singer has an artistic personality. As he says, "Life is art. Call me Art. Call me Max. Call me Bob. Call me anything you want, but please call."

Born in Bible Hill, a small farming community, where he developed roots and a realistic understanding of life and death, Bob decided his purpose in life is to entertain God. He also feels it's important to live life to the max, so he'll have an interesting diary to read in his old age.

Educated in an Atlantis Bible College, Art prepared himself spiritually before entering the big, bad world of city life, where sex and sin tempted him daily. Naturally, he gave in to all temptations, drinking, dancing, lusting, loving, living with a prostitute, and worshipping the Babylon money god, while pursuing a career in international intelligence before investing his talents in ArtWorld activities.

Max also felt guided to enter the magical world of music, working with musicians like Avery Singer & Mamie Moore, Captain Sunshine & The Star Child Band, The Magic Circle, The Vibrations, Heavens' Radio, Souper Jazz, The Full Circle, and Garden Party Dance Band before asking friends to help him form a group called The Singing Saints, as a serious career move in the world of professional entertainment.

Art never did make that hit record he dreamed of, with the divinely inspired music he heard in his head, but he promoted AI Family Concerts, for the benefit of foodbanks feeding poor hungry people, and organized an anti-war group called Artists Against War and Militarism * AAWAM For World Peace, while working as a stagehand for a Theatre of Giants, and helping to organize Gardenworld as an international community commonwealth mutual benefit society.

Max is now travelling the world on roller skates, singing everywhere he can, working as a community counsellor for Gardenworld, while heading in the general direction of ArtWorld, Play City, Paradise, California, Center, Missouri & Agency, Iowa, enroute to Max Music City, and eventual retirement, after a world tour promoting Maxi Sing Songs & Garden Party Cabarets.

Desiring to share his lifelong experiences with the world, Bob has written his life story as a book of Max Life Poems For Artists and Musicians Everywhere.

Max Life Poems are available for $20 from the
Arts Agency, Station A, Box 144, Toronto, M5W1A2

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