Everyone is invited to
play an Art Party Game.

All you need is
a creative spirit,
and an audience.

Until you find your audience,
you can play Art Party Games @

Picture Art City

You can also play games with Art Masters Guide
which will soon be available online. Stay tuned.

Art Masters Guidebook is a collection of
Artistic Trivia and Quotable Quotes, Performance Cues, and playing rules for a Talent Show Game everyone can play.

Art Masters Guide is an exploration of the artisic life,
An Artistic Life is an exploration of yourself.

It comes around full circle and focuses on you. Art is the art of perfection. Here's to the perfect you

Media Release * Public Announcement

Superstars - The Talent Show Game

Do you enjoy playing the Game of Life?

Would you like to play a new game, an Art Life Game.

Playing Superstars can be more difficult than the Game of Life. It's also more fun.

Now everyone can play Superstars: The Talent Show Game, with or without Artmasters Guidebook.

Play the SUPERSTARS GAME with friends and strangers.

To get warmed up, try this easy and fun ARTLIFE SURVEY